A Year in Review…

2014 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Many times I struggle with the “Christmas Letter” that I was raised to know was a part of the annual Christmas Card “package.” It is hard to pare down into a few sentences what all has happened in a year.  I also worry about boring others with my family stories, events and accomplishments. Even more, I fear being too prideful or braggy.

wilson_1_bw What I do want people to have is access to us. I want to be connected. Each person I mail a Christmas card holds a special place in my and my family’s heart. We love to hear of others’ adventures and blessings.  We want to celebrate with others their blessings and pray with them through life’s challenges and struggles.


It’s been a good year. God continues to bless us.  We do have our share of challenges and struggles, but what I am learning is that life’s lessons are often best taught in the struggles… how we respond to those struggles is what is most important.


Here is a brief synopsis of each member’s blessing and events. If you want to know more you click on each individual’s name or word that is hotlinked to those events documented throughout this blog.  You can also just read the blog and it’s archives if you wish.


Eric– The company he began working for 15 months previous to February 2014 was acquired by PSSI.  He was part of the purchase and has now been assimilated into their workforce.  We are not sure what lies ahead but are thankful for the opportunities that have come about via PSSI acquiring his previous employer’s company.  The “Mustang Project” is moving along, too slowly for Eric’s taste but as of the first of November, the motor turned over for the first time.


Kirsten– I continue in my role as an Instructional Technology Coach with Northwest ISD and am enjoying the opportunities it has provided including being published and presenting at educational conferences. This fall I began teaching a 6th grade girls life group with our church’s youth group and am thoroughly enjoying it.


Emmarie– Is growing up fast. Her amazing talents have allowed her to be part of the Northwest ISD’s musical this fall, and play piano at a regional competition where she received top ratings. She had a smooth transition into Middle School and all of us love her new school, Wilson Middle School.  Her savvy in academics and creativity resulted in her being featured in our district’s Making IT Click Blog this fall.


Kristopher- He loves anything technology and Legos. He is an avid Minecrafter and enjoys playing soccer. This winter he is going to try basketball for this first time and is excited about this new adventure.  He is part of the running club, recently made the UIL Ready Writing team and will be competing at a regional event with his Destination Imagination team in February.

We pray this season is full of blessings and mercy for you and your family.


We would love to hear from you! Feel free to follow the “The Wilson Family Stories from the Razorback Ranch” blog and share in the comments how we can keep up with you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The Wilson’s

Eric, Kirsten, Emmarie and Kristopher

About The Bulldog Educator

Mom of 2, wife of Eric for 25 years, Educator for 20 years. Passionate about everything in life. I love my community. Proud to be a mom, wife, and educator. I write two blogs one is my educational ponderings at my blog "The Bulldog Educator" (www.thebulldogedu.com) and the other is "The Wilson Family Stories at the Razorback Ranch" (www.thewilsonrazorbackranch.com).

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