Ice Skating and The Stockyards

Only in Fort Worth, Texas can you take your kids to ice skate and see a cattle drive all in the same day.

On the Monday before Christmas with our good friends the Bear’s, we ventured out to ice skate at the Outdoor Panther Ice Rink (yes the high temperature was in the mid-50s) and then watch the Cattle Drive in the Stockyards. We also enjoyed a delicious lunch at the one and only Joe T. Garcia’s followed by the kids trying out the life sized maze off of Exchange Avenue near the stockyards and made famous by the “Amazing Race.”

Here is a few snapshots that was compiled into a flipagram for viewing pleasure.

Look for more updates from the holiday break to be posted soon…

The Modern, Growth Spurts and Lego Movie…

Spring break comes early in Texas and often it isn’t very “springy” yet.  Usually a trip out of town to warmer climates isn’t doable with Eric’s schedule.  So, we find ways to enjoy our much needed week off right at home in Cowtown.

Of course ideas are solicited from all “stakeholders.” Embug didn’t hesitate to remind me of our trip last spring to Fort Worth’s premiere modern art museum “The Modern.” As luck would have it, “The Modern” (normally closed on Mondays) had opened with free admission on the Monday of this wonderful Spring Break week.

Both Embug and Kritterman loved viewing the artwork.  Some works are part of the permanent collection that they enjoyed revisitng, and some works were new.  We especially enjoyed the multimedia visiting works on display from Fred Tomasellli and the rich and folksy qualities works of showcased Texas native David Bates featured on nearly the entire second floor.


Spring Break Visit to “The Modern”

The next day over breakfast I announced it was going to be a day of shopping.  One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the immense growth spurts both Embug and Kritter went through this fall and winter.  Since last year this time
Embug’s foot has grown from a 5 to a 7 1/2.  Kristopher quickly moved from a 7 to only briefly visit size 8. If there wasn’t a quick intervention he would be sporting the ankle pants only popular in women’s fashions.

Of course the two “growing weeds” were less than excited about a shopping trip… that is until I baited it with an afternoon matinee to “The Lego Movie.”

The shopping was tolerable for all at best. But the movie was surprisingly enjoyable for all.  I even inappropriately laughed really loudly at a scene… and got “the look” from my kids. I highly recommend the movie and it will more than likely find its way into our permanent home movie collection.

lego movie

We made it home with a lot of new “one liners” from the movies and a sufficient wardrobe for both to make it into the summer.  What they weren’t expecting is that our relatively un-eventful Spring Break was about to get exciting.  Stay tuned for the next episode in our Spring Break adventure.

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