In Her Element…

I haven’t posted in a while as the beginning of school coupled with Embug’s rigorous middle school musical practice schedule had moved the entire family into survival mode.

Often when parents look at schedules and putting more on the calendar something has to be sacrificed. I was one of those.  However, when Emmarie tried out for the Middle School Musical for our district in May, I had no idea our schedule would be so crazy.

We raise our kids to take their commitments to people and groups seriously. If you say you want to do this, you show up at the beginning, then, when it gets tough, you stick it through. Nobody jumps off of the boat mid-ride.

So when the schedule came out in early August, I knew it was going to be a challenge. I also knew we had made a commitment to this production, volleyball for her, soccer for Kritter and piano lessons for both.

I became a scheduling genius and stepped outside of my comfort zone to ask for help from others.  Eric and I also tag teamed many of the shuttling so that neither child had to back out on their commitments.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.  Embug comes alive on the stage. You can see her soul being fed when she is in character and performing with her cast and for her audience. When you see her… you know, she was made to do this.

The play “Little Mermaid, Jr.” was absolutely incredible.  Every cast member played with such professionalism you would think all the kids did was prepare for this performance. However, all the kids had homework, full days of school, other extra-curricular activities and of course a social life.

Embug learned so many valuable lessons through this experience.  She learned to manage her time with school work, extra-curricular activities, and home responsibilities. She learned how important every role was in a production of this sort and showed gratitude to every cast and crew member. She overcame her feelings of inadequacy when singing in front of people and now will not hesitate to bust out into song in front of anyone, almost anywhere (that particularly makes this momma proud).

There has been so much growth in this time for Embug and our family.  Many would say how can that be when you are so “busy?” But I would say when you know what is best for one family member, all are willing to shift, so that one can shine. And shine she did.  She was “in her element.”

I am glad to have some of my time back, now that the musical practices and production are over, but I am so glad I didn’t allow my fear of not having enough time to keep Embug from this life-changing experience.

Embug’s performance choir is just getting started. Stay tuned as there will be posts coming about those events, too.

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